Relationship Between Britain And The Colonies Essay

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The relationship between Britain and the colonies was evolving as time went on. As it first started the colonies thought they were better off by standing as individual colonies because it would be better for each colony to handle its own governing instead of becoming one united unit. They hoped this would eliminate Britain from gaining too much authority against the colonies. This may have worked for some time, but British had a war to pay for and started to tax the colonies to pay their debt off. They started passing acts to increase tax on the colonies. This caused a change of opinion the leaders of the colonies to change their opinion. The British had forced them to completely change their direction for government in twenty years.
To help stop the conflict from growing larger between the British and French the British hoped to strengthen ties with the Mohawks Indian tribe. The British hoped to strengthen the relationship with the Mohawks that the fur trade had created. The need to strengthen the weakening alliance between the two groups leads to the meeting in Albany in 1754 which ultimately leads to the Albany congress. This meeting had seven of the thirteen colonies attending and partaking in its activities. The seven colonies sent 24 delegates. During this meeting Ben Franklin and Thomas Hutchison suggested the Albany Plan of Union. The main goal of this plan was to unite the colonies with a central government that made decisions on affairs with the Indians ad…

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