Relationship Between Lizzie Borden And Her Father, Sister, And Step Mother

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The Relationship’s Lizzie Borden had with her Father, Sister, and Step Mother. Relationships have a big impact on people lives in the past, and as well in the present. Relationships – is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected (Google.Com). My Magnificent sister. We always had a wonderful unconditional relationship. Being that we was the youngest we always had to stick together. Lizzie Borden relationship with her father was unpredictable. Because through the world’s eye view they lived a glamorous, and pleasant life .But this was not true. She, and her sister’s Emma relationship was more discreet, and hidden. At the early part of their lives. But some say they grew apart from some short length of time, only to return back together to send the rest of their lives till they passed away. Her relationship with her step mother .Abby was nothing but pure hate for one another .The more the father grew to love Abby the more the sister’s hated Abby. I think that if she is not guilty of the crimes of her father, and step mother. She didn’t care much about them being murdered in the same house she rested in days after. Her behavior pattern shows that she wasn’t even mentally or emotionally stable at the times of her deaths. Lizzie relationship with her father was looked upon as she being the daughter of a wealthy bank president .She shouldn’t want for nothing. But…

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