Reliability and Validity Paper

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Reliability and Validity Paper
Research and testing are used in human services to provide the most effective program achievable. In the same way researchers employ vast amount of data collection methods. Additionally, it is important to understand how effective these instruments function. Equally important, it is necessary to know the magnitude to which the outcomes produces the same findings in the future. Moreover, these are reasons researchers study different types of validity and reliability. The testing methods should include both reliability and validity as well as remain consistent and specific. I will discuss types of reliability, types of validity, and present examples of how each apply to human
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For example, questionnaires consist of a group of questions, which people respond to either aloud or put in writing. Additionally, opinion surveys are much simpler as well as cost efficient. Moreover, opinion surveys are simple assessments, which evaluate how specific groups of individuals think or believe concerning a specific topic.
Importance of Data Collection Methods and instruments Reliability and Validity

Concerning questionnaires and opinion surveys both of these approaches of data collecting can be put into operation in human service organizations. For instance, one may put to use to test the opinions of employee’s regarding the effectiveness of a certain program. In the same way, the other may be put to use to test the opinion of the organizations clients concerning the effectiveness of a specific program. No matter what the reason is concerning why the data collection methods are put to use or, which method is put into service to collect it, it is important for the data collection method to remain both valid and reliable. Furthermore, the method put into service has to be reliable to make certain the results will stay coherent. In the same way, each method has to ensure validity with the purpose of gathering information researchers are truly seeking. (Rosnow & Rosenthal, 2008)
Example of Different Data Collection Method and Instrument in Manager Research

Human service and manager

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