Essay on Religion vs. Psychology

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Spirituality and psychology are two complex subjects to discuss and they become even more complicated when you try to relate one to the other. Psychology deals with the processes of sense perception, thinking, learning, cognition, emotions and motivations, and personality, focusing on the behavior of individuals. Spirituality, on the other hand, is all inclusive. "Spirituality is living one's life from the realization that the body/mind/ego personality we have been taught to identify with is just the tip of our iceberg, our little head sticking through the window of the senses into this world, whereas our true body is the universe. It is recognizing that our perceived world is mostly an illusion, a shared dream we are asleep in, and that …show more content…
"Most people consume so much time and energy trying to do the impossible-namely, to change and control the actions of others-that they wrongly believe that they cannot do a normally possible thing-change or control their own thoughts and acts." Instead of building upon the anxiety that one may have, they can come to terms with their emotions and to relax their way of approaching life. Furthermore, RET prevents one from blaming others for their unhappiness and depression. Often, when an individual perceives others as the result of their problems, they become hostile towards them and carry hatred in their hearts. "If you roundly condemn others for what you consider wrong behavior you will tend to turn your blaming standards on yourself and end up with considerable self-loathing. Lack of forgiveness toward others breeds lack of self-forgiveness, with consequent perfectionist attitudes toward your own failings and in competencies. To devalue others because they have made some serious mistakes helps you devalue the whole human race, including your own humanity." By discontinuing this negative way of living, we open ourselves up to the act of forgiveness. We become less focused on ourselves and what is wrong in our own lives, allowing us to take this newfound way of thinking and to better understand that there is more in the world to with which to devote

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