Reparations For Grievous Abuses Of Human Rights Essay

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When the System Fails:
Reparations for Grievous Abuses of Human Rights

African Americans that are alive today and were alive when our government and our citizens were perpetrating human rights crimes against their race should be paid reparations; however, the African American ancestors of those brutalized and dehumanized within the institution of slavery should not be paid reparations. To be an African American witness to crimes against your race perpetrated with impunity by a system of government, or perpetrated by citizens that are then never prosecuted by the government, shows the African American race the reality of impunity and the face of American racism. The key to stopping racism and stopping the oppression of black Americans is education. Education is the antithesis of ignorance, and ignorance breeds racism, and when our children, and our citizens are educated in institutions that have proper funding, and good teachers, then the division between the races becomes smaller. After slavery became illegal there were grievous human rights abuses, including Jim Crow (segregation) laws, lynchings, and police brutality. Reparations are monetary apologies to the living African Americans that witnessed and were victim to the human rights crimes that were committed following the abolishment of slavery, and even though the past will not change, the present can change; reparations are an apology for something that is unpardonable. Blacks have suffered human rights violations…

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