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Volume : 1 | Issue : 9 | September 2012

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Research Paper

A Study on Customers’perception towards
Internet Banking at Ahmedabad City
*Ms. Varsha Kuchara
*Assistant Professor, K.P.Patel School of Management & Computer Studies, Kapadwanj
Internet banking is a new delivery channel for banks in India. The Internet banking channel is both an informative and a transactional medium. Internet Banking and Mobile Banking made it convenient for customers to do their banking from geographically diverse places. However, Internet banking has not been popularly adopted in India as expected. Being a savings based culture still, Indian consumers are cautious about their financial assets. They are also
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Polatoglu & Kin (2001) state that the average internet banking transaction costs the institution only one twentieth of teller transaction. Conclusions of study undertaken for European
Commission on public perceptions (September, 2003) say that lack of trust has been frequently cited to be one of the key factors that discourage customers from participating in e-commerce, while cultural differences affect the formation of trust. Apart from trust, there are other variables which influence the usage of Internet banking. They are intention, beliefs, and subjective norms, trust in the bank, attitude, perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use (Journal of
Services Research, 2007).
It is interpreted that the female respondents are yet to get fully involved in Internet purchase (Journal of Internet Banking and
Commerce, 2006). Therefore, enhancing the level of service performance acceptance is the major issue to get competitive advantages. A majority of studies highlight the fact that “security” is the


Volume : 1 | Issue : 9 | September 2012

biggest single concern for customers when faced with the decision to use internet banking. Security has always been an issue, but its scope has changed from mere doubts about the privacy of personal information to worries of financial loss
(Sayar and Wolfe, 2007).
As many as 7% of account holders in the India are using the
Internet for banking transactions,

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