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Does Technology Influence Teaching Practices in the Classroom?

April O. Di Benedetto, Ph.D. Instructional Technology Center 2024 Livingston St. Mandeville, LA 70448

Paper presented at the National Educational Computing Conference 2005 Conference Philadelphia, PA June 29, 2005

INTRODUCTION The world is experiencing an information explosion of unprecedented proportions. Not only is the volume of new information large, but it is also growing exponentially. Rapid changes in many fields are making basic knowledge and skills obsolete. In the technological world of the 21st century, the meaning of the phrase ““to know““ means more than simply having information stored in one’’s memory; it means having access to
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One reason is a weak implementation and planning process that fails to meet the needs of all teachers and provides little if any time for staff development. Before teachers can successfully implement technology, they need a change in their pedagogy. Such change requires a paradigm shift from viewing their role as a giver of knowledge to a facilitator of knowledge (Dexter, Anderson, & Becker, 1999). Researchers suggest the teacher has been the most important piece that makes learning occur (Soloway, 1996). Teachers have always been responsible for teaching content. With the expansion of Information Highways and technology teachers must also take on the added responsibilities of teaching students how to use the computer as a tool and creating innovative strategies to enhance computer literacy and computer based training in the curriculum. Lundeberg, Coballes-Vega, Standifor, Langer, and Dibble (1997) supported the constructivist learning theory when they found teachers were committed to ““project-based learning in a technology-rich environment”” (p.61). They believed students could use technology to build concepts from existing knowledge and to obtain information from a variety of sources. Bracey (1994) found that teachers who use technology view learning as an active process and knowledge as something students must construct rather than receive passively. The confidence level toward technology increases

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