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Measurement in Research
Michael R. Dulin
Florida Gulf Coast University Abstract Measurement is:
• “the process of observing and recording the observations that are collected as of a research effort.” (Trochim, 2006)
• “the assigning of numbers to observations in order to quantify phenomena.” (Kimberlin and Winterstein, 2008)
• “characterizing individuals in terms of the issues under study.” (Babbie, Halley, Wagner, & Zaino, 2013)
As a society, we thirst for measurement. Does this work? Why does this happen? What outcome will occur if this or that is done? There are many different definitions expressed in terms of observing, recording, assigning, characterizing as so on. Social science research strives to validate scenarios for countless disciplines and its ever increasing importance aids industries in making valuable decisions about products and services. The importance of measurement and what it is used for can only be as good as its acquisition of its data and the processes used to analyze the information. As the saying goes, “Garbage in, Garbage Out” resonates truth in our quest for measurement. At the very heart of measurement is validity and reliability. These key concepts are complex in their own right. “Key indicators of the quality of a measuring instrument are the reliability and validity of the measures. The process of developing and validating an instrument is in large part focused on reducing error in the measuring process” (Kimberlin and…

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