Research, Statistics, and Psychology Essay

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Research, Statistics, and Psychology Research and statistics employ such meaningful roles in psychology whereas without both psychology may not exist. In psychology the importance of research is to help understand human beings and behaviors, but without research questions concerning human beings and behavior would go unanswered. Thoughts and theories concerning human beings and behaviors would go unanswered as well. Using and relying on the scientific method, psychology uses the research and statistics gathered to prove or disprove thoughts and theories. The importance of statistics in psychology is that they help in determining if research findings are not substantive or substantive. Not only do research and statistics play a part in …show more content…
25). When, psychologists take this approach they systematically acquire understandings and knowledge about behavior and other phenomena that may be of interest. Within the scientific method there are four steps, which are step one to identify questions of interest, step two is formulating an explanation, step three is to carry out research, designed to support or disprove the explanation, and step four is to communicate any findings (Feldman, 2010).
Comparing and Contrasting Primary and Secondary Data
In research data is either primary data or secondary data, and which type of data depends on the information’s source. Primary data or original material, such as a study or an account of an interview or lab experiment or field experiment performed by an author, which not interpreted by anyone other than the original creator (Duffy, 2012). Secondary data is data, which is not collected by the user but by another individual. Therefore, one uses another individual’s results collected beforehand. Primary data interprets and analyzes primary resources by using them to explore their meanings or to explain certain events of the past (Duffy, 2012). When tailored to a researcher’s specific needs, primary research provides researchers with the most up-to-date

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