Research Statistics Psychology Paper

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Research, Statistics, and Psychology Paper Psychology uses statistics and research to validate or invalidate theories. Research is used to find answers to questions. The scientific method is important because it provides researchers with the steps they must take to find the answer they are looking for in a study. Statistics are used to prove or disprove theories or questions by using the collection of data and mathematics. Many types of research could be used to make the world a better or even healthier place and this is why statistics and research is important in all fields of study. Research is an important part in the field of psychology. It is used to establish facts rather than opinions. Research is defined as an organized and …show more content…
The problem with primary data is that is can be very costly and the time and effort can become overwhelming. Both of these data methods have advantages and disadvantages to a research study (Indiana State University, 2009). Statistics is a branch of mathematics used to organize, analyze, and interpret data collected from a study. There are two types of statistics, inferential and descriptive. Inferential statistics are used to depict conclusions about a large population on the basis of a study using just a sample of that population. Descriptive statistics provides a summary of the key elements of data collected from a sample of participants. The role statistics plays in the field of psychology and research is by validating the findings of a study with statistical analysis. Statistics are important to proving or disproving the hypothesis and theories involved in a research study (Goodwin, 2008). There is a lot of research that could make the world a better or even a healthier place, stem cell research is an example of this. Stem cells can replace dead cells that can occur from any type of disease or injury, such as cancer. Stem cell research has supplied the knowledge that any dead cells from whatever part of the human body, the liver, brain, lungs, heart, etc. can be replaced with stem cells. There are three main sources stem cells can be obtained from, adult cells, cord cells, and embryonic cells. Adult cells can be obtained from bone marrow or the peripheral

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