Research Studies Paper

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Research Studies
The science in psychology introduces the thoughts that most have about how the human mind functions and questions that some have about behavioral issues. To receive more acceptances from society theories are tested through research. To do researches a research question are obtain to gather more information, depending on the research different scientific method shows different ways on obtaining results. Different types of data are obtained through research.
Typical Research Articles Each section on a research paper serves a vital part to a research project. A typical research paper has seven main parts which includes abstract page, title page, an introduction, results and discussion, method, a references
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Behavioral Science Behavioral science is a young field built on a strong scientific heritage. It seeks to recognize human selections and happiness by drawing on visions and procedures from psychology, neuroscience, and economics. It uses controlled experimental studies to identify the crucial factors that determine people judgments, choices or experience. Applied research examines a detailed set of situations, and its critical goal is linking the results to a specific situation (American Psychological Association, 2001.). An example of applied research includes experimental treatments of mental disorder, persuasion, interactive interventions for kids with autism, eyewitness memory, and decision making. Basic focuses on the fundamental principles and testing theories situation (American Psychological Association, 2001). An example of basic research deals with a popular memory procedure that has people to answer to words on a monitor as quickly as possible. The first article I research about was “Does intervention and prevention programs work for juvenile offenders”? It costs states a lot of money each year to prosecute, incarcerate, treat, and arrest juvenile offenders. Primary and secondary prevention programs aim the population of adolescence which includes the efforts to teen pregnancy, drug use, smoking and delinquency or violence. They have developed

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