Responsibilities Of A Nurse Assistant Essay examples

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Delegating in nursing goes beyond asking a nurse assistant to do something and walking away. When a nurse delegates both she or he and the delegate are held accountable and legally responsible for the whole continuum of the task delegated, yet the nurse is ultimately responsible. A prudent nurse must know what tasks can and cannot be delegated to the support staff providing assistance. The whole premise behind delegation comes from the overwhelming amount of nursing tasks and the need for assistance to accomplish the work expected legally and by management. Nurses will tell you that at times it seems as if management is working against you. The pink elephant in the room is named: nurse to patient ratios. Perceived lack of safe staffing ratios has brought about conflict between reality and expectation in the nursing workplace.
Huber (2014), presents to us a short case scenario where the day shift staff is composed of three staff members. The staff members are Sherry Trader the charge nurse, James Fair a recently hired male staff nurse, and Julia Coggeshall a nurse assistive personnel (NAP). They are assigned to a nine patient assignment on an oncology floor. The scenario goes on to explain that there is a 78-year-old female patient in need of surgical preparation for a radical mastectomy, the recently hired nurse is male, this is his assigned patient, the patient will not talk to him, and he is not aware of the surgery preparation procedures of this unit (p. 159).…

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