Responsibility And Fear Of Guilt Essay example

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Individuals with OCD’s concern about a harmful event is significantly reduced when they do not have direct responsibility for the event (Ashbaugh, Gelfand and Radomsky, 2006). Mancni et al. (2008) proposed the link between responsibility and guilt is due to the concern around having violated a moral norm and the guilt associated with this. In fact, the association between responsibility and behaviours similar to those associated with OCD has been broadly reported in the literature. Induction of responsibility and fear of guilt often lead to more OCD like experiences and checking behaviours in individuals with OCD than in those without OCD (Arntz, Voncken & Goosen, 2007). Conversely, individuals with OCD report less desire to use their compulsive behaviours when their responsibility, and consequently their chance of feeling guilty, is reduced (Lopatka & Rachman, 1995). This is consistent with the evidence suggesting that individuals with OCD attempt to neutralize a ‘fault’. It therefore becomes clearer that deontological guilt is related to responsibility (D’Olimpio & Mancini, 2014) and this begins to highlight the breath of processes involved in moral judgements.

It seems therefore that emotion, in particular guilt/disgust and responsibility may all be strongly implicated in way in which individuals with OCD make moral judgements and that this is different from the way in which individuals without OCD make their judgements. It is possible that the effects of these…

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