Essay about Responsibility of the Creator

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Responsibility of the Creator
Elizabeth Shute
May 11, 2011
Mrs. O’Kelly

I believe Victor Frankenstein was responsible for his creature’s actions. He had many chances to help but he was a too much of a coward. For example, Frankenstein could have helped Justine but he was too scared to speak up. It was his fault she was in jail and it was his fault she died. She was accused of killing William because Victor’s Monster put the necklace in her pocket.

Frankenstein felt responsible for his younger brother’s death when he realized that the monster he created murdered William. Frankenstein started to feel as if he himself had committed the murder because of his role in the monster’s existence. Everything the monster did was
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He didn't murder Henry, but his friendship with Frankenstein made Henry susceptible to the monster's wrath because he used Henry to get back at Frankenstein. Although the Irish magistrate acquitted him, Frankenstein knew that he was responsible for Henry's death because he had defied the monster's wishes and the monster repaid him by killing his friend.

Frankenstein, feeling responsible for Elizabeth's death as well as his father's, vowed vengeance. The only way to absolve his responsibility for the monster's actions was to kill him, so that's what Frankenstein set out to do. He was responsible for the monster's creation and its actions, and he planned to be responsible for the monster's destruction as well.

Frankenstein never admitted to his family what he had done, never admitted or took responsibility for his actions. He might as well have killed Elizabeth, William, Justine, and Henry with his own hand. The so called “Monster” only wanted companionship; he did not want to murder those people. The circumstances forced him to commit murder. Frankenstein was the instigator of those circumstances. Victor certainly created something that caused destruction, not only in his own life but in others lives as well. Justine took the fall for Victor, dying for his secret. Elizabeth died because Victor chooses not to create another monster. The monster did not necessarily want

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