Essay about Responsibility Over Your Education By Adrienne Rich

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Responsibility over your education
Claiming an education is easier said than done and as you grow older you begin to realize how responsible you are over your own education. In Adrienne Rich’s essay, “Claiming an Education,” she makes an argument about responsibility for all students. In her opinion it is important, within the educational community, to truly take control over our own education. That is to say, you as a student has to be engage with what is being taught to you. Rich states, “Being here to receive an education; you will do much better to think of yourselves as being here to claim one.” (608) Many people are mistaken when they blame teachers for the grade they received and in all honesty education is what you make it. If you sit back and just let the teacher teach you then you are not what rich calls “claiming your education.” While the teacher is teaching you have to pay attention and try and interpret the knowledge she is trying to share with you. Teachers teach students, however they can not make them learn. It is up to the student whether or not they will take in what someone has taught them. Unfortunately, I did not get this concept of learning until the end of my junior year.
Writing was one of my weaker subjects all throughout high school. As a matter of fact I failed every research paper that was ever assigned to me. At the peak of it all, the last semester my junior year I had to put together a research paper about the writing of Macbeth. This did not…

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