Restorative Justice Paper

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Restorative Justice Paper CJA/224 Candy Burtle Barry Preston December 2, 2013

Other than the conventional Criminal Justice process there is a new way to handle crime; it is called the Restorative Justice program. This program is used only in certain cities throughout the United States. The Restorative Justice program is intended to reduce crime. This program has several steps and during the course of the process it is intended to set things right between the criminal offender and the people affected by the crime that occurred. A crime committed does harm to many others not just the immediate victim.
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Supporting the people who will be helping the offender turn his or her life around and be a productive member of society. In order for offenders to have these options they have to own up to the crimes they committed. If they do not then they will have to go to court system and face a judge to answer for the crimes they committed, and the judge will determine their punishment. These punishments can vary from incarceration, rehabilitation centers, and even boot camps.
The case that was studied this week showed not only how the victim of the crime is harmed or affected by the crime, but also showed how the victim’s family had an added burden placed on them because of the crime committed. The victim’s daughter and son in-law made several extra trips across town to check on the wellbeing of their family member. With a busy schedule with their children, the increasing demanded was hard on their family. Members of community were affected by this crime as well. Once news of the break in spread; members of the community feared for their wellbeing and the safety of their property. Children of the community were scared and feared the bad people. The volunteers that assisted Mildred after the break in were also affected, they took time out of their lives to help fix the victims property and help her throughout the whole process. In this case there were two offenders one denied any involvement and one who owned

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