Rhetoric Is The Gift Or Art Of Persuasion Essay examples

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Rhetoric is the gift or art of persuasion that dates back to the time of Aristotle and as he defined it “The faculty of observing in any given situation the available means of persuasion.” (St. John, 2013). After learning about rhetoric writing and speeches I was really unsure the skill was good or bad and whether or not it should still be taught. While writing this paper I was speaking to my girlfriend and she said, “of course it is a good thing. Without it, life would be boring if you really think about. What it be like to read a book without it? It would be terrible as you would not be convinced you are there or believe the story.” (Orr, 2015). Rhetoric is much more than persuading a person to do what you want. Aristotle divided rhetoric into three parts, they are, deliberative, epideictic, and judicial. Here I will discuss a little about each of the parts, how rhetors use them to persuade people, why I support rhetoric’s. Aristotle’s three parts refer to the style of questions and speech a rhetor uses. The first part is deliberative, and is used mainly in speeches and are used for a call for some sort of action. In the book Ancient Rhetoric’s for contemporary students it says, “awhile the topic of future conjecture is often used in deliberative assemblies, such as state legislatures, which have the responsibility to make policy” (Crowley S. & Hawhee D., 2004). These areas are the most common place to find the deliberative part of rhetoric. It is the way…

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