Role Of An Iep Team And Organization Of Their Individual Responsibilities

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A majority of the information contained in this document was gathered during a series of interviews with Susan Tridle, Special Education Teacher of 20 years, and Laura Height, Special Education Representative from Greenhills Area Education Agency (GHAEA). Susan and Laura were interviewed with the purpose of learning about their responsibilities and experiences as involved individuals during IEP meetings for students with physical or health impairments. Valuable information gathered during these interviews revealed the necessity of compiling solid resources and strong working relationships with support staff, ensuring that they would be available to work as part of a multidisciplinary team during the development of the student’s IEP. One topic of discussion to note in particular was the development of an IEP team and organization of their individual responsibilities. The following chart details the team members and duties that should be available when developing the best IEP team to serve the student. While not all of these members will be used for each case, it is essential to maintain a strong working relationship with each area so that direct contact and open communication can occur when the situation calls for it.
IEP Team Member Responsibility
Special Education Teacher Sarah Lopez
General Education Teacher Science- Rana Grantham
Social Studies- Jennifer Glade
Math- Tammie Cassico
Reading- Belinda Thaden
Language Arts- Sherry Twitchell
Family members and the student…

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