Roles and Responsibilities in Special Education Essay

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Roles and Responsibilities in Special Education
Melinda Harper
Grand Canyon University
Special Education Program Development and Funding
Dr. Justina Kwapy
July 16, 2014

Roles and Responsibilities in Special Education The world of education is anything but static. It is in a constant state of change with everyone hoping to do the greater good for our children. Roles and responsibilities of those who help the children continue to grow and evolve, and educators learn how to manage the diverse classrooms of today. The roles and responsibilities of those educators who are contributing to the education of our students with special needs have evolved over time. Considering how the Romans treated those with disabilities by
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Teachers have learned to teach all of the students regardless of disability or ability. Some veteran teachers initially had a hard time with that in the beginning, but over time have learned to adapt to the changes and evolved. Other teachers who were not so thrilled with all of the changes just left the profession and retired.
Roles and responsibilities of the educators are more varied and focused than they were in previous years due to all of the changes. The teacher now is an active member of the class, teaching students is no longer teacher directed and strictly lecture based. Yes, still the teacher must give the directions and offer help, but the teacher should be allowing the students to analyze and try to figure out for themselves how the solve problems, be creative, and come up with solutions. It is also the teachers’ responsibity to be up to date with understanding the laws of education. (ACLU, 2013) The teacher’s role now is more focused on the students working collaboratively in groups to achieve the daily objectives due to preparing them for the real world and life skill experiences they will have to come across. A majority of our students will go on to higher education, and or will be in the work force, when they reach the level that they are working and have jobs they will have to understand that each of them has a job to do and that they all must learn to work with each other.
Many years ago when

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