Roles And Responsibilities Of A Teacher Leader Essay

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Teacher leaders see “the big picture” in the overall functions of the school, not just their classrooms. They have a particular set of abilities that allow them to successfully teach the students in their classroom while also influencing and motivating other teachers throughout the building. There are several roles and responsibilities of teacher leaders. From the research, the most common roles and responsibilities of strong teacher leaders were, having a vision, a strong focus on students achievement, they have the ability to set goals and accomplish them, they are supportive (not only to students but staff and administrators), and they create a culture and climate for learning.
Following the research of many theorist, we understand that children develop in different ways and on different levels. True teacher leaders educate the “whole” child by teaching to their cognitive development, as well as their social and emotional development. Students’ cognitive development is what most teachers naturally tend to focus on when teaching lessons. This is the most common form of development seen in schools, as our job as educators is to ensure students are learning material necessary to ensuring the students are successful on standardized exams. However, without also teaching to students emotional and social developmental needs, the child grows only in that one area.
Summary of Research
A Focus on Achievement Effective teacher leaders have a strong focus on…

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