Essay about Roles And Responsibilities Of Architectural Services

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The Design
The emergence of diverse interests has separate the former unified role of the demand as the property’s owner, financier and prospective user hence adding complication in the construction process. To accommodate the rise of diversified role, architectural services also need to have variety in producing a better built environment. The provision of services which includes detail designs, visualizations, specifications, energy calculations, cost planning, regulations consent application, need to be accomplished by consistent and legitimate standards. Although it may seem restricted and controlled as a production, the standards helps in maintaining the level of professionalism within the institution.
There is a type of architects who only involved in completing the concept design and transferring the project to another architects to continue with the detailed design who will realized the design into a built form. There are design architects, project architects, technical architects and etc., and which all of them have different roles and responsibilities in the institution. Design architects involved more in pre-design, design and concept stages whereas project architects or technical architects have more proficiency in later stages of the development. Design-led practice prioritizes on what they can provide rather than conform on the demands. Their failure in providing flexible services that able to suit the changing demands could lead to shrinking…

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