Roles and Responsibilities of a Tutor in the Lifelong Learning Sector

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Roles and Responsibilties Within The Life Long Learning Sector


Year 1


The roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a tutor within the FE/adult education

sector are ever progressing qualities which are reflected upon using the teaching cycle.

This cycle can be used by both tutor and learner as discussed in 'Prepare to teach in the

lifelong learning sector' – Ann Gravells 3rd Edition.

Roles 1.0

The role of a tutor is to create a safe and healthy learning environment, where learners

are able to work at their individual level. This is backed up by the use of initial

assessment upon induction to the course. This will allow the tutor to pinpoint who may

need additional support
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about other staff members must not be passed on to learners as part of the data

protection act.

Standardising practise with other colleagues through attending standardisation meetings

are vital to ensure practises are met and that all work is being marked to the correct

standard. Homework handed in, is marked and returned within a reasonable time and

any feedback and praise is constructive.

Above all self control is extremely important, be prepared for confrontation and

negativity but to answer or handle the issues calmly. Acting, dressing and speaking in an

appropriate manner at all times as learners look to you as a role model to follow.

Boundaries 3.0

As tutors,we have professional boundaries which we must work within and it is very

important not to over step those boundaries. You must be able to identify where the role

of a tutor stops and remain there. As a tutor I must keep to standards and work within

regulations set by the awarding body.

Contact with learners should be kept to a professional level at all times, this means

when contacting learners for assessments or to provide information to them it should be

done using company mobiles or emails.

Safeguarding yourself while using social networking sites having no learners on your

profile, this

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