Roles, Responsibilities, and Boundaries as a Teacher Essay

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Part 1
Part A (1 & 2) – Roles, responsibilities and boundaries As a Training Consultant (TC) and teacher my main role and responsibilities are to educate and deliver effective training and impart my skills and knowledge in my specialist area which is Childcare. This is needed to support the learner either directly or indirectly and to maintain an inclusive, fair/just and motivating learning environment. I understand that as a teacher I am primarily responsible for the health and safety also the moral and physical welfare of my students/learners. I am also responsible for teaching students with Special Educational Needs. I provide Training to Learners within their workplace which can be either in a nursery, a school, Residential Care
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Part B - Legislation and Codes of Practice
The legislation that impacts my teaching are the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 this Act provides a frame work for all employers and employees outlining their roles and responsibilities to ensure everyone's safety. Equality Act 2010 is a discrimination law that protects people from unfair treatment and creates a fairer and more equal society. Data Protection Act 1998 is a law to protect people's personal information. It is important that I demonstrate that my standards of teaching constantly meet or exceed all Approved Codes of Practice (ACOP) set out by my employers or other professional bodies if compliance is ever called into question. The codes of practice I follow are: Institute for learning (IFL) mentioned above and Early Years and Childcare code of practice. A professional code for child carers, providing advice for professionals carrying out their duties and responsibilities within their working role. Firstly, in accordance with Professional practice, members should ensure that no action that they take will be detrimental to the Child's welfare, safety or will hinder the child development. Secondly, members should aim to maintain the highest possible standards of performance, to aim to improve their knowledge, skills

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