Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries Essay

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Every profession has roles, responsibilities and boundaries; governed by copious legislation and directed through company policies/ procedures. These ensure objectives are met and identified persons can be made accountable for their functions. In the teaching/ learning sector however, roles can be blurred and legislation somewhat confusing, suggested by Holtrop (1997) “Obviously teachers wear many hats; friend, counsellor, judge, mentor, hundreds of roles and different roles for different classes, students and extracurricular duties”. Nonetheless, the protection and safety of individuals and groups is the fundamental principle, and can be broken down into three key areas;
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This is a boundary which mainstream teachers do not cross due to heavy risk assesments. PYP combat this by using recovered individuals who are accompanied by a staff member at all times.
Although this stage is about devising the course, it is good practice to not consider it as being ‘set in stone’. Changes may be relevant when delivering and discussions can lead to other issues needing to be addressed. Having a vast range of resources is paramount when coming across such situations.
Delivering effective education depends largely on stage 1 and 2 of the teacher/ training cycle. However a teacher must be prepared for every eventuality. Before a lesson is delivered the safety of the learning environment and of all equipment must be carried out complying with The Health & safety Act 1974. This can be done via risk assessments. According to Maslow, every student needs to feel protected against injury and life threatening causes. Once this has been implemented behaviours and attitudes should be addressed by establishing ground rules. This can be done by following the 5 procedures described in the PTTLS handbook (2012) as create, justify, discuss, negotiate and devise new rules. This helps gel the group and makes them feel at ease with each other/ in their environment. I am the lead facilitator for PYP and find using ice breakers or team building activities also supports this process.

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