Roles, Responsibilities and Relationship in Lifelong Learning

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. Understanding own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning.
In my experience, the teacher is the key figure in making the learning process a success for the learner. We are a guide to the subject, responsible for creating a structured experience for the learner to navigate allowing for individual learning styles and methods to flourish.

1.1 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities.
Examples of legislation and codes of practice are; Children Act (2004): Every Child Matters provided the legal underpinning for the Every Child Matters: Change for Children programme. “Well-being” is the term used in the act to define outcomes, which are being
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It is also good practice not to have any favourite learners as it can cause other learners to feel as if they are underperforming if seeing the learner praised highly. I believe it is essential to challenge and discrimination, bullying and stereotypical behaviour from the start. Every Learner should feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment.
In my experience bad attitude or a lack of enthusiasm from the facilitator immediately creates the wrong atmosphere in the classroom and has an effect on the group, similarly the facilitator must be aware that bad attitude from the group will have the same effect, therefore they should be adept at dealing with any confrontational issues which may arise and will try and keep up the spirits of the group with their passion for the subject.
“As facilitator your words, actions, and gestures will all have an impact on the group with which you are working. For example, lack of enthusiasm on the part of the tutor is contagious. Students are sensitive to a tutor's disinterest and disengage” (

The teacher is expected to behave professionally and boundaries between teacher and pupil should be clear.
‘You will have professional boundaries within which to work and it’s important not to overstep these.’ (Gravells, 2010: 11)

1.3 Explain own role and

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