Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Life Long Learning

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Roles, responsibilities and relationships in life long learning

In this essay I shall be looking at the roles. Responsibilities and relationships in life long learning
In teaching life long learning it is vitally important for the students needs that the tutor understands the current legislation In order to achieve this it is important to have an understanding of legislation and codes of practice

Key aspects of legislation and codes of practice

The IFL (institute for learning) regulate the code of practice for the teaching of life long learning, this is an independent professional body that provides a register of teachers and trainers, it also promotes professional development and represents members when dealing with other
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2. Plan and Design – This is to ensure the correct resources are available such as large print handouts for partially sighted students or the environment is suitable I.e. wheelchair accessible, this can also be they way the lessons are delivered which may depend upon the learning style of the pupil.
3. Deliver/Facilitate – teaching and learning to be carried out a suitable manner.
4. Assessment – This is ensuring that the learners have gained the skills and knowledge that has been taught, this can be done via testing.
5. Evaluate – obtaining feedback from the learners and using it in order to make modifications and changes to the course for the future.

Points of referral to meet the needs of learners

Sometimes it is not possible for a teacher to provide adequate support to students, this could be due to their own lack of specialist skills or knowledge this is where referral to an outside source could be used, an example of is a student could have a learning difficultly, this is where an outside source could be used, such as the linkage community trust who may be able to offer support to the student and guidance to the teacher where needed.

Promoting appropriate behaviour

Before a course of teaching can begin there needs to be ground rules set, this is a two way process, firstly it establishes what the

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