Rough Drafts On Abnormal Psychology Reflection Essay

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Rough Drafts on Abnormal Psychology reflection
Introduction: Elliot Rodger has been experiencing depression with friends due to rejection from peers, especially females. As a result, he eventually destroys some of his mates, including himself. According to the journal article of Elliot Rodger, he faced some difficulties throughout his lifetime. However, these problems have led him to abnormal thinking, triggering his thoughts to murder himself and his peers.
Elliot encountered several difficulties that contributed to the homicidal rampage. These factors include male privileges, family affairs, societal factors, video games addiction, and religion. All these problems and complications have eventually led to his abnormal thinking and homicidal rampage.
To begin, Rodger was a white male whose dream was to gain attention and affection from women. Unfortunately, he was deprived of love and attention from women based on his appearances and height. Women were not submissive to him and tend to reject him, causing him feelings of isolation and depression. As a result, Rodger developed envy, hatred, anger, towards any man who were sexually active and living a happy life. In the journal, Rodger faced feelings of loneliness since eighteen years old. He explains,
“Every day, I tried to make some effort to go out looking for ways to improve my life. I felt that staying in my room was a waste of time. I knew what I wanted, but I had no idea how to get it. I frequently went on walks around…

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