Russia And The Soviet Union Essay

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Russia has been amidst a series of controversies ever since the Cold War ended in 1991. One of the most substantial controversies involves the westernization of Russia. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Russia made the decision of integrate itself into the western world. This essay discusses what Russia hoped to achieve by attempting to unify itself into the western world, how it planned to integrate, and the challenges it faced along the way.
After the Soviet Union concluded, Russia found itself under new leadership. Under this leadership, the concept of westernization came into play. The USSR had been broken up and no longer dominated multiple territories. The western world was appealing to the people of Russia as well as their new leader. A westernized society would offer many things to the once communist nation of Russia. A market economy based on supply and demand was enticing to Russia (book). Essentially, this would allow the citizens of Russia to determine the market based on their purchases and investments. Not only would a market economy entice Russia, but also the opportunity for democracy (book). If under western influence, the people of Russia would have the ability to chose who rules their government and the politics involved. The third reason why Russia chose to integrate itself into the western world involved overseas trade. Russia would have access to a variety of new goods as well as increased revenue from the exportation of goods made on…

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