Same Sex Marriage : A Global Human Rights Protection Agency Essay

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Same-sex Marriage
Posted Friday 15th August 2014 by 264476W
According to United Nations Development Programme, a global Human Rights Protection Agency, Australia ranks second in the worldwide HDI scale giving the impression we are perfect however same-sex marriage is still in the process.
The human rights commission, INCLUDE EVALUATION, states “equality means civil marriage should be available, without discrimination, to all couple, regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.” So why has marriage within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community been legalised? Since the depiction of the 2004 amendments to the Marriage Act, the issue of gay rights have reappeared several times.
Two bills were written the first being Marriage Legislation Amendment Bill in 2004. In the amendment it prevented same-sex couple to adopt from overseas, and with Labour disagreeing a second bill was written allowing adoption.
Bills resurfaced many time over the years until 2009 when the first Marriage Equality Amendment was written although the Bill was defeated 45 to 5 votes. 29 September 2010 there was a second attempt when Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-young wrote a legislation for same-sex marriage. Since then there have been three bills, in 2012, all in progress. None of which have been approved until December 2013 when the first same-sex couple was married in ACT, but a court ruling overturned the freedom and…

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