Samsung, Samsung And Samsung Insurance Essay

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Samsung is a South Korean multibillion-dollar multinational conglomerate, or corporation made up of different types of companies. The most successful divisions of Samsung are Cheil Industries, Samsung Electronics, and Samsung Insurance. Cheil Industries, which began with fashions, manufactures and sells chemicals and electronic materials. Samsung Electronics is best known for creating and developing products such as smartphones and televisions. Samsung Insurance offers financial services. Samsung 's other divisions manufacture and distribute numerous products and services, including aerospace and medical materials and supplies, petrochemicals, and semiconductors Samsung Electronics became very popular with the introduction of its Galaxy smartphone in 2009. The device, which rivaled Apple 's iPhone, used an Android operating system and allowed users to search the Internet, store personal information, stream videos, play games, and more. While it enjoyed some success, the phone was not very popular (Harmon, A. (2015.Things changed the following year, when the company introduced the Galaxy S. This device had an upgraded operating system and a sleek design, making it the thinnest smartphone on the market at the time. The Galaxy S II appeared in 2011. This phone had more memory, storage, and a rear camera. It was highly successful and was named Smartphone of the Year at the Mobile World Congress Global Mobile Awards in 2012.
Samsung sold more than forty million units. The…

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