School District Budgets And Education Essay

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School district budgets are constantly fluctuating every year throughout the entire United States. With school district budgets fluctuating, this makes it very hard for school districts to prepare financially to provide students with the best education possible. School districts depend heavily on state and local taxes to assist in funding their school districts. When these taxes are cut and the demands of education are high, this makes it very hard for school districts to provide services and instruction to best meet the needs of students. In South Carolina full day kindergarten services have been cut, classroom sizes have increased in elementary schools with no additional teachers being added, and alternative programs are being cut to assist high schools with a decreasing the dropout rate. The budget cuts in relation to these three areas can become devastating, thus putting our state in risk of students not being provided with an appropriate education. For school districts to receive the funds needed to balance the budget cuts, an alternative system to develop funds must be utilized or developed. One alternative that was developed in 2002 was the South Carolina education lottery system. Many states have decided to use gambling proceeds to provide funding for schools as an additional source of income (Hoff, 2004). Government sponsored lotteries are a controversial source of public finance, largely because they constitute not only the fastest-growing revenue source…

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