Essay on Schools Are Becoming The Target Of Violent Crimes

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School safety has become a main focus in the education system over the past several years. It seems that schools are becoming the target of violent crimes. Every year teachers sit through in services training them with new ideas that are being implemented to keep students safe. Schools in our area are very old and when they were built violence was not an issue. School administrators now have to take these old schools and make them safe and functional without making them feel like a prison. Majority of the schools are open to the community and not closed off as they should be. The windows also are an area of concern when it comes to safety. Most schools have multiple windows per classroom that exposes students and faculty to outside intruders. Some people feel as though each school should have an officer present or they feel teachers should have a weapon in their classroom. How do we address these concerns to keep our students safe? How do we manage gun control in a school or do we allow teachers to carry a weapon? The multiple entrances to a school is one of the concerns for safety. The schools that are exposed to the community need a plan which will keep unwanted intruders out. Most schools have surveillance cameras located in specific locations that can monitor the traffic of the entrances. I believe this is not enough to ensure safety. Once an intruder is in the camera does nothing for the safety of the students and faculty members. In order to…

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