Schools Are Giving Students An Education A Systematic Instruction Given By The Government

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Schools are meant to give students an education, a systematic instruction given by the government. To compel them to be compliant, they are given activities to keep them interested and friendships will form from their mutual interests. Some students take these opportunities and are granted a healthier school life, but others take a glance and turn away. Those who are involved and give their best tend to do well while the opposites don’t care enough and fail. Students fall in or between four categories on how they feel about school: they either want to prosper, be average, be able to graduate, or don’t care at all. The first group does extremely well academically. They want to make something of themselves. When they look at an issue, they figure out the simplest way to solve the problem before they resolve the issue. If they run across an issue they can’t solve, they look to their teachers. Generally, they will have a decent relationship with all their teachers and at least one teacher that will always help them with their problems. More often than not, they join clubs to boost their application to college. Their parents are usually involved with their school life and have high expectations of what they will achieve in school. This helps the student in their education because “Youths who felt bonded to their parents and enjoyed good communication with them tended to have higher grades and physical well-being,” as states. An example of this type of person would…

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