Schools Of Thought : Behaviorism Vs. Humanistic Psychology Essay

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Schools of Thought: Behaviorism vs. Humanistic Psychology One of the most influential schools of thought is behaviorism founded by two psychologists by the name of John B Watson and B.F. Skinner (Meyers & DeWall, 2014 ). Behaviorism rejected introspection, the study of inner mental processes, and viewed psychology as an objective science (Meyers & DeWall, 2014 ). It discussed how theories need to be supported by data and obtained by careful measurements and observations (McLeod, 2007). Behaviorism also underlined how all behavior is learned from the environment (McLeod, 2007a). Consequently, this idea stated that people have no free will and we learn behavior through two methods: classical conditioning and operant conditioning (McLeod, 2007a). One of the main aspects of behaviorism is that the study of psychology should be based on observable behavior as opposed to mental processes ( McLeod, 2007a). The main reason for this is you cannot observe mental processes, therefore, you cannot obtain measurable data (Meyers & DeWall, 2014 ). Observable behavior, however, can be scientifically measured (McLeod, 2007a). Another aspect included in behaviorism is the idea that there are a small amount of differences between the learning that takes place in animals and humans(McLeod, 2007a). This is mainly due to the ideal that all behavior, no matter how complex, is a result of a stimulus (McLeod, 2007a). Due to its scientific approach, many agreed with these concepts and as a result,…

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