Security Management : The Security Manager Essay

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Before a security manager can “sell” a strategy, the manager must first have a keen awareness of what the organization does and how security fits into it. The security manager must fully understand the organizational mission and what processes within the organization are needed to accomplish the mission. The security manager must be able to identify organizational assets, liabilities and threats. The vulnerability of system processes are identified and rated on a scale as to likelihood. Conducting a proper risk assessment which focuses efforts on the greatest hazards will help mitigate the confrontation of risks which threatens an organization’s survival. Security managers use the preparedness phase in the development of plans in accordance of possible threats (U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, n.d.). At some point in these preliminary processes, a good security manager should involve other key department head personnel within the organization. These could be personnel who control departments key to the organization’s function or perhaps the chief financial officer who controls budgeting. There are two reasons for this strategy; it gives the chance for the security manager to become better educated on particular processes while simultaneously communicating security objectives. The security officer may have been intent on implementing a new process only to find out it has been tried before and failed. It might be wise to be armed…

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