Sentencing Paper Individual

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Sentencing Paper
Toska Reed
Introduction of Corrections/CJA234
February 02, 2015
University of Phoenix Online
Professor John Eckert

Sentencing Paper In this paper will describe how the system analyzes the principal objectives of punishment within the United States correctional system. It will also describe how the state and federal systems goals of punishment. How does sentencing affect the state and federal corrections systems overall and I will explain and support my answer? Also, this paper will define determinate and indeterminate sentencing within the correctional system and which one of these systems I think is more appropriate for examples of why I believe it is an appropriate sentencing.
Objectives of Punishment The
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With the creation of these laws impact society by way of rules that have to be followed for one’s protection and the safety of the communities. Since, these laws where created within a community to meet the needs and values of that community and to be for the best interests of the people. To improve the creation of the laws within the local, state and federal levels is to have better communication among them and work as one instead of being segregated.
Determinate vs. Indeterminate Sentencing There is a correlation between determinate and indeterminate sentencing when sentencing a criminal offender in the judicial process. All conviction of a defendant, the judge is responsible for determining an appropriate sentence. Most states allow judges full discretion in this action, but it also planned and limited by state's legislative philosophy on sentences. What is the determinate sentence is a prison term that is defined by law, requiring a specific period of incarceration for any particular crime, regardless of intervening factors. Determinate sentences came about in the states where rehabilitation fell out of favor and legislators refocused on punishment and retribution. The judgment is made to consistent according to the crime. Indeterminate sentences developed from the ideas that rehabilitation is possible, and the people closest to the offender; prison staff and the parole board, are in the best position to determine when rehabilitation has occurred. (Cji

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