Sentencing Paper

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Sentencing Paper
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Sentencing Paper
If you would compare the reasons and sentences of today, to the sentencing too years past, there really is not much of a comparison. Religion, morals, values, and emotions are four of the philosophical reasons for sentencing criminals. Back in history judges were expected to be harsh on people that committed crimes. Capital punishment, torture, and painful physical penalties were the verdicts to criminals. Criminals were thought to have evil within them. That is why punishment was so harsh to have the evil removed from them.
In today’s courts sentencing and punishments are a lot less harsh than they were back in history. Today we have fines, probation, and imprisonment to
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A judge or jury sentences the criminal to this form of punishment. In prison you do not have the rights that you did while in society. Typically, you are given a jumpsuit with a number on the back and that is who you become. You are no longer a person you are a number.
Restitution is money or property that is given to the victim to compensate them for the loss that they received. In years past the victim was the forgotten party. There are many crime related expenses associated with restitution such as medical expenses, lost wages, and counseling expenses. Restitution is a punishment to help the victim get back on their feet.
Death penalty is the most severe of all punishments. The death penalty is taking one’s life for a horrendous crime that he or she committed. It is also the most expensive form of punishment. 35 of the 50 states permit the death penalty in the United States. People are either for or against the death penalty and they both have good reasons to back their choice.
Alternative punishment such as community service, home deflation, drug treatment, and psychological counseling are all used by judges today. In order to qualify for alternative punishment you must have presentence investigation done. There are certain qualifications you need to be able to qualify for alternative punishments. The judge has to know that you are not a threat to society.
I think we could modify the sentencing process to reduce

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