Sermon : ' Love Story 2 - Faith And Love Essay

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Scripture: 1 John 3: 16-24
Title of sermon: “Love story 2 – Faith and Love”
Let us pray.
Gracious God,
Thank you for this beautiful day and chance to share Gospel today. Please help us to hear, understand, realize and practice God’s word through the Holy Spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ. We pray, Amen.
Now, I have a question to ask you. If you know the answer, please raise your hand. When you raise your hand I will give you a chance to answer.
The question is “Do you remember the title of the sermon from last Sunday? If you know the title, please raise your hand.
(When someone from the congregations says the correct answer, I will respond) Wow, that’s right. The title of the sermon was “Love story”
(Give a gift to a congregant) “Thank you for remembering the title of sermon.”
In Last Sunday, we learned the nature and work of God’s love through John chapter 3 verses sixteen. And I shared my love story with God as a faith story when I was a young. And then, I suggested you to find and remind your love story with God in your whole life because we can learn and realize the love of God not only through Bible but also through your love story with God –your faith story.
One day, when I was a student in Junior High School, I found a letter in the mail box on the way home after school. When I saw the envelope of a letter, recipient was my mother and the letter was written in English. I ran to my mom with the letter.
“Mom, somebody sent you a letter in English.”
My mother…

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