Sexism And Its Effects On The Gaming Community Essay

966 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
Did you know that during 2006 the ratio of girls to boys playing videogames was 38:62? In addition, over the past 8 years it has it has increased to 48:52. Even though the gaming community has always been a place for girls just as much as boys, there is still a lot of sexism in it. It has been said that by next year women will become the majority in the gaming community. Sexism in videogames is posing a problem in many more ways than one. It has created hostile gaming environments, overly sexualized or demoralized women, and it could taint the minds of children. Sexism has created many hostile environments in the gaming community. Especially in massive multiplayer online games. Mics have made it much easier to harass or make poor comments about people they do not know and have almost no consequences as a result. The only consequence really is just that person(s) being reported. Moreover, most of the time doing that is just the same as the empty threats that they spit out. This becomes even more escalated when a person that has a gamer tag that indicates that they are a woman. Once that happens you can have boys asking for phone numbers, personal questions, or just plain insults and harassment. Some harassment would be the criticism of the presence of a woman and their interests, death threats, and demanding sexual favors in exchange of virtual or real money. This is not where it ends. There is also the use of the creative freedom of the emblems that people can make on…

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