Sexual Television : Femininity, By John Fiske Essay

1248 Words Jul 22nd, 2016 null Page
Women have been creating art for just as long, and just as much, as men, though it would not seem that way to the plain eye. The reason for this is simply that many art forms that are associated with women are not valued, and therefore not discussed, nor encouraged, allowing them to slip through the cracks. Those who do enjoy women-centered art forms are often chastised for enjoying what is considered the lowest art. In his article Gendered Television: Femininity, author John Fiske discusses the viewers of female art forms, in particular daytime dramas, and explains how the viewer is impacted, and in turn, impacts the value of the art. His claims are not wildly agreed upon by all, as some argue that daytime dramas – or soap operas – further perpetrate the patriarchal society it appears to contradict. Other controversial art forms, such as romance novels written by female novelists, are also explored to understand what it will take to make art forms aimed at women audiences valued. As we work to a more egalitarian society, we cannot let media forms created by and for women slip under the rug. We must continue to empower the audiences of women-focused media forms so that these artworks may, at long last, be appreciated. To understand why female art forms aren 't valued, one must understand who historically chose what was an appreciate art form, and what was not. Though the two have slightly merged, it is the makers of high culture that have controlled what we appreciated as…

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