Should Abortion Be A Negative Right? Essay

1897 Words Jan 15th, 2016 8 Pages
For Judith Jarvis Thomson abortion is something that should be a negative right, provided that it has certain guide lines. One in which abortions are neither a right that should be given or taken away. Thomson begins by arguing that there is no right time to mark the point in which a person should begin to be considered a person. She then gives an example of an oak tree and how it is not called an oak tree at the beginning, but goes through stages to become an oak tree. For people to claim that a fetus is a person without going through the stages is considered to be “slippery slope argument” by Thomson’s account. But Thomson does agree that a fetus becomes a person at some point before it’s born, even though there is no indication to when this occurs. With more scientific facts as to what makes a person truly just that, a person, Thomson claims that people will be less likely to side with those that believe conception is the start to being a person. If fetuses were considered people right at conception, Thomson claims that abortions wouldn’t be permitted. Therefore a fetus would have greater right to life, then the women who conserved it. Thomson then goes on to give an analogy about a famous violinist. If this violinist were to be ill and people kidnapped and used you as a living machine to keep him alive, for any given amount of days, months, or years his right to live, would then outweigh your right to your own body. Comparing kidnapping to being raped Thomson…

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