Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

1054 Words Jul 4th, 2015 5 Pages
In 2006, a survey showed that 32% of people supported legalizing marijuana, while twice the number was opposing it. However, a recently study showed that the past perspective of marijuana has changed. Today, 53% of Americans want it to be legal compared with 44% people want it to stay illegal. (Motel) The evolution of science and the minds of American society led to a total change in 2006 statistics, but still in the law, the green plant is illegal. Therefore, should marijuana be legalized or not? “The Green Monster,” as some people call marijuana, is not a monster at all because it has medical benefits, it helps economy, and it is less dangerous than various permitted drugs. This is why marijuana is essential and vital in The United States society and it should be praised not prohibited.

A scientific study of marijuana’s elements led to discover two effective medicines using its cannabinoids in a pill form. Continuing on researching in marijuana medical field is expected to make significant, irreplaceable medications because this plant’s chemicals help treat a wide range of illness or symptoms. That fact makes many people raise their voice to make marijuana legal in the therapeutic ground. (National Institute) Moreover, marijuana has a lot of benefits to humankind health. For example, it can inverse some negative effects that tobacco make to the lungs of smokers, it can heal glaucoma, it has a chemical that stops cancer from spreading, it could reduce stress, it slows…

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