Should Plastic Surgery Be Acceptable? Essay

958 Words Jul 5th, 2015 4 Pages
In today’s society, people have a sick obsession over appearance, aggressively attempting to change their look to conform to today’s society, with some taking extreme lengths to achieve that goal. Society’s obsession with looks is further agitated by TV shows that showcase plastic surgery being done on teens to look like celebrities (BLUM 842). It should never be acceptable to showcase obsessions that could promote the same in other people, because everyone should accept the way they look. Unfortunately high school students also have insecurities themselves, to the point where some students take steroids to try to improve their body image (PETROCELLI 793). Our society today promotes a sick mindset, where students are left vulnerable and susceptible to peer pressure, to the point that students do drugs to satisfy their self-esteem. In certain TV shows like Extreme Makeover, it is underscored that people who pursue plastic surgery are usually self-loathing, and try to look like celebrities because it is believed that they will also be loved like a celebrity (BLUM 842). Today’s society further promotes self-loathing and dissatisfaction with TV shows such as Extreme Makeover, showing that if you are unhappy with yourself and have enough money, you can surgically make yourself look the way you want and be happy with it. The lengths that people go through to achieve their desired body-image are baffling, they go through several steroid cycles to conform to what society thinks…

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