Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legal? Essay

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As companies begin to re-write their policies, there are many items that employers should be considering. Before the same-sex marriage ruling, federal and state entities were left guessing on how to honor gay marriages, because there were some states that had already recognized marriage between same sex couples and some had not. Previously, employers had to look to state laws to determine an employee’s status and rights. However, there was very little guidance as to which state’s law controlled the determination. If an employee worked in a state where same-sex marriage was legal, then that question was easily answered. But, if an employee worked in a state where same-sex marriage was not recognized, but was married in a state where it was legal — there was no clarity for employers. Similarly, if an employee was married while it was legal in their state, but the law since changed, employers were left guessing as to how to proceed. This state of uncertainty has persisted for the past two years. Now that it is the law, HR departments have specific guidelines to follow and to ensure that employers are fully in line with the new laws as follows (Berdzik, 2015):
• Employee handbooks: Employers should review and update all employee handbooks, policies, and procedures to extend to same-sex spouses the rights given to opposite-sex spouses.
• Taxes: As same-sex couples can now file their state and federal taxes jointly, employees may need to update their W-4 forms to account for…

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