Sibling Rivalries Are Always A Big Issue Essay

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Rivalries Make Love
Sibling rivalries are always a big issue in any family that has more than one child. Children always want to fight for the attention of mom and dad. Parents always have a child that they pay more attention to than others. I think no parent should prefer one child over the other. Every child needs love and attention from their parents regardless of what the situation is. Even if the parents are divorced they need to still show love to them. Kids growing up without love or attention can either make them or break them. I believe sibling rivalries is the most pressing challenge parents have to face while they’re children are growing up.
I come from a family of six. Three sisters and three brothers including me. Growing up in a big family, sibling rivalry was big. One was always jealous that one got better toys, shoes, clothes, etc. Being competitive you can say was a big deal because you always wanted to be better than your brothers and sisters. Usually that will lead to arguments sometimes it even got physical. I believe sibling without problems are not real siblings. Problems make siblings bond even more since they have to come up with a solution to the problem. The bond I have with my brothers is better than anything in the world. Knowing I have their support for anything I believe in doing is huge.
For example, your siblings are always going to look out for you in the good and bad times in life. When I was in the hospital I had to get a kidney biopsy.…

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