Essay about Sigmund Freud 's Influence On The World Of Psychology

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Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud have had a great impact on the world of psychology; both are famous psychoanalysists with exceptional approaches to personality. They had a friendship at one point in time and many theories they shared. Jung was supposed to take over Freud 's position as president of the International Psychoanalytic Association. Jung had other ideas and decided to develop his own ideas and even disagreement with Freud’s theories. In 1913, these two friends decided to go different ways, they disagreed in many ways but the three main ideas that Jung disagreed with Freud was on the role of sexuality, influences of personality and unconsciousness. Jung and Freud’s ideas on the role of sexuality differed greatly. Freud’s view on sex may have been related to his own personal experience and the facet he had a sexual attachment to his mother. He thought that sex was the most important aspect that shaped personalities. Freud believed that sex was the basis of most emotional problems; a normal sex life is crucial for emotional happiness. Freud had a very unsatisfactory sex life, which is odd that he held it with such importance. Freud even analyzed dreams by using sex with most symbols. The unconscious mind was the next disagreement for Jung and Freud. Freud believed the unconscious mind was the center of our repressed thoughts, traumatic memories, and fundamental drives of sex and aggression. He saw it as a storage facility for all hidden sexual desires, resulting in…

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