Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Psychology Essay

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With the talking cure being what Freud used, like modern day treatment or consultations, he was able to discover the causes of symptoms were repressed thoughts and memories. He realized that the issue lied in the unconscious a place where a layperson cannot reach it without professional help. Sessions with patients became more of a listening game rather than what people were used to; "The private thoughts that are episodes in peoples ' lives can never be episodes in their biographies; psychoanalysis would encourage the voicing of private thoughts. Unlike a biography, and indeed unlike Hamlet, psychoanalysis is a conversation, and not a piece of writing (it doesn 't have a known beginning, middle, and end)" (Phillips 23). Freud and Breuer had used the findings from their use of the talking cure on hysteric patients to write a book together titled Studies on Hysteria in 1895. Sigmund Freud has been known to the modern world as the crazy man that never stops talking about sex. It was not until he heard the horrific anecdotes of his patients of sexual abuse did he become interested in the topic:
What Freud discovers is the impossibility of normalizing sexuality, and that the sexual is what we always want to normalize. And this is because, he writes, "sexuality is the weak spot… in cultural development." So Freud will be inclined to say, as his detractors always claim, that everything is sexual, without his ever quite knowing what the sexual is (10).
Freud is at the point of his…

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