Sigmund Freud 's Work And Discoveries Influenced Scientists And People Throughout The World

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Sigmund Freud’s work and discoveries influenced scientists and people throughout the world by changing their perception on the way that they think about themselves and their lives. Freud was born in the Czech Republic or the Austro-Hungarian Empire at that time (1856) in the city of Freiberg. He was given birth by his father second wife thus having two half brothers that were older than him by two decades. At the age of four his family and him decided to move to Vienna, the city where his psychiatric journey would flourish. It was ubiquitous of his hatred of the city through his open claims on his hatred toward the city however, he continued to live his life and study there. Freud stayed and studied at the University of Vienna. He was an exemplary student showing his strong interest in education leading to his ambitious actions of learning new things. Being from a Jewish family it was considered fulfilling to the family if he were to study medicine or law, even though he considered himself an atheist and like his dad a freethinker.

Studying at the University of Vienna medical school, Freud believed the most interesting field for him to explore would be science, especially studying the brain. He looked at studying neurophysiology but, it seemed like a lot of research and hard work that would have be stored that only someone wealthy can store. He was extremely intelligent, studying law and philosophy in high school in addition to receiving his medical degree from…

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