Essay about Sister Wives, Should Polygamy Be Legalized?

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Sister Wives, should polygamy be legalized? Polygamy has been around for many years and with the TV show Sister Wives it can now be viewed in our homes weekly with each new season it brings. The show reminds us of the controversy that surrounds plural marriage. Should plural marriage be legalized? There are many opinions on this touchy topic. Should we, as a society, just leave it be, mind our own business as it were? Should we turn a blind eye to the accusations of abuse and underage marriages taking place? If all parties are of legal age, should it even matter what someone does with his or her own life? Are they hurting anyone? Is marriage meant for only two persons? What if it is a religious practice? My personal opinion on this controversial subject is, if you are of legal age and consenting to a particular lifestyle, including polygamy, you should be able to live that lifestyle and are able to support yourselves by your own means. On the show Sister Wives you meet Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn Brown, along with their 17 children, combined. The show starts off with the family living in Lehi, UT, but fearing for the safety of their family they essentially flee to Las Vegas, NV. You get a look into their lives and the struggles they go through as a family. They try to live a normal life, just like most of us try to. They are faced with many of the same decisions, but in multiples, as any other family. Such as, the safety of their children,…

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