Skill Based Pay And Autonomy Essay

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The level an employed person is compensated and how that compensation is determined must be based by the skills a person possesses and the ability to display those skills on a continuous basis. The length of service or my position must not be the only determining factors of pay. Skill-based pay is the best plan to ensure my company will see significant returns on their investment. Autonomy in the workplace is a way to empower employees in making decisions and creating ownership of their job and the organization. The level of autonomy must be determined and will it work in all situations. When a maintenance associate determines eminent failure is to occur they must be empowered to be able to shut that piece of equipment down for repairs. Guidelines and parameters must be established before autonomy can be implemented.

Skill-based Pay and Autonomy In many places where I have worked, the subjects of pay and autonomous maintenance have been major focuses for management and our employees. What type of pay is best and how do we convince our people it is the best choice? Skill-based pay has been selected the most to ensure we get the most out of our people and they receive pay commensurate for that skill. Autonomy within the maintenance departments has been extremely difficult to implement, however success can be achieved with perseverance and guidance.
Skill-based Pay In general, most organizations utilizing maintenance crafts are developing multi-craft…

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